NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT 21st October 2015. From Joel, Administrator of Keyja.

I am sorry to announce to Keyja users that the chat rooms and the forums are closed. The profile pictures have been disabled. And the moderators have lost their moderation status. The games and the other functionalities of Keyja will keep on running.

You will not lose your friends. You can contact them with Keyja messaging and exchange your e-mail/Whatsapp/skype ID, or find another chatroom where you can go alltogether with your keyja friends.

Why am I doing this? Because keyja moderation is not working any more. It's a technical problem with hackers attacking Keyja. It is possible to fix this issue, but it requires some work. And today, I don't want to invest any more time or money on Keyja. It's a professional decision, as I am working on another game.

I will program a new version "Keyja 2" in 2017.