Rules of the game: Bocce.

Bocce, also known as "P├ętanque", is a very popular french game.

A bit of strategy:
1) Observe your opponent's movements, and try to copy them while changing what was wrong. Also remember how you played your movement and change it a bit. If you make a perfect move, repeat the same move again and again in order to score more points.
2) There are two kinds of movements at this game: "Shoot" and "Roll". Rolling is the action of aiming the target and throwing the ball very near to it. It is difficult because the ball rolling on the sand doesn't go far. Shooting is the action of removing an opponent ball from the ground by hitting it very hard. If your shoot is perfect, your ball takes the exact place of the opponent's ball: In the south of France, they call this a "carreau", and if you do that, you will get a free "pastaga" :)
3) It's always better to be before the target than behind the target. It is more difficult for the opponent to roll and he will have to shoot your ball first.

How to play?
When it's your turn to play, you must use 5 controls.

This game is difficult at the begining. But once you have played it a few times, it will be more funny.

Remember you can set the clock parameters in the game options.